Magnus Workforce Announces Office Move to Accommodate Growth

Magnus Workforce is pleased to announce that we have just expanded to a new office location! Our new office address is 6979 Kingspointe Pkwy Suite 10, Orlando, FL 32819.

We will continue to serve our customers and talents in the same friendly and efficient manner as before, but simply in a new, larger office 10 minutes from our previous location. Our office move was needed to accommodate the growth attributed to the loyalty and support we have continued to receive from our clients and talents. We humbly thank you.

While we were happy with our previous location, there were several motivating factors that encouraged our move:

Space― One of the most important aspects of a facility is the interior layout. We needed a professional space that could accommodate our company’s growth and the needs of our clients and talent. While our previous location was satisfactory, we knew that a larger, better laid out space would be better capable of providing us with a business atmosphere that could meet our company’s operational growth and company culture.

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Efficiency and Productivity― The search for a better-suited space was also driven by the desire to better serve our people. Our new location is not only better equipped with the technology needed to handle our own growth, but the growth of our customers, talent and employees. At Magnus Workforce, we believe in putting the needs our people first. With a bigger and better location, we’ll provide more efficient solutions to meet all your needs.

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Client and Talent Resources― One of the ways that our new location will better serve our clients and talent is through our new Career Center. Focused on facilitating better job placements as well as added training and resources, our new Career Center will continue to support our goal of helping talent secure the right job placements while providing clients with better, more experienced employees.


Our new and larger office location allows us to better support and continue to grow with our clients and talent. But don’t simply take our word for it! We’d love to invite you to visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to tour our new facility.