How Staffing Agencies Can Help Small Retail Businesses Succeed

Finding and hiring good talent is extremely important to the success of your retail store, especially during the holiday season. For most business owners and managers, the problem isn’t that they can’t identify good talent, but rather where to find it. If you are like many of our clients, you have probably experienced the frustration and struggle of putting together the ideal team for your business.  Whether it’s hitting your sales target or building customer loyalty, Magnus Workforce can help your retail business succeed.

Here’s a glimpse of how we do it:

We have the network. Once we understand the type of employee you’re looking for, we’ll tap into our network of viable candidates. These candidates are pre-screened, background check approved individuals that we can match to your business.

We look for employees who work well with others. When hiring, there are many qualifications to consider. One of the ones we pay close attention to for retail businesses is team work. During our interview, we seek out evidence that the candidate has demonstrated the ability to work with others.

We look at past behaviors. Behavioral type interview questions can reveal how candidates can handle stress, adapt, utilize analytical skills, communicate and more. Depending on your criteria, we’ll center our process to find you the best match employees.

We trust our gut. Because we’ve had extensive experience screening and interviewing applicants, we know a good fit when we find one. We don’t simply look for candidates that can answer our interview questions correctly, but who can also demonstrate approachability, compassion, etc.

We help them learn.  Putting in the time to train a new employee is just as important as the effort in finding, interviewing and hiring. We set up your business and the employee’s future for success by providing your employees with the resources they need to do well.

Whether you’re looking for a few experienced sales associate or an entire team for your retail business, it is important that you hire the right people to help you grow your business. Magnus Workforce’s superior staffing services provide companies with highly-qualified professionals at every level. Our comprehensive process not only includes background checks and drug screening, but also confirming proper paperwork, checking references, skill assessments and a thorough in-person interview process. To receive a detailed proposal outing your potential cost savings, contact us today!