Benefits of Using Staffing Agency for Skilled Labor Needs

When it comes to growing or maintaining a successful construction company, having the skilled professionals you need — when you need — is always extremely important. At Magnus Workforce, we solve your labor challenges by putting you in touch with qualified workers with the strongest work ethic.  

Here are 4 ways your construction company can benefit from our staffing services:

Access to Talent. Many builders and contractors have reported difficulty finding new workers. A reputable and experienced staffing agency knows where to find skilled laborers and can provide you with the workers you need.

Lower Overhead Costs. One of the most stressful aspects of the construction business is managing overhead costs. With a staffing agency on your side, you can access labor on an as-need basis — allowing you to reduce overhead costs.

Skills & Safety Knowledge Checked. When it comes to the construction industry, making sure that a new hire is skilled and proficient is crucial to everyone’s safety. Our staffing agency verifies every laborer’s skills and safety knowledge before adding them to our talent database. We also conduct thorough reference and background checks.

Reduce Administrative Costs. Managing payroll, human resources, and workers’ compensation can be tedious and time consuming. Staffing agencies can help relieve you from most of these responsibilities, freeing up your workload and creating a more efficient workplace for your employees.

Whether you’re looking for a few proficient laborers or an entire team for your construction business, it is important that you hire the right people to help you grow your business. Magnus Workforce’s superior staffing services provide companies with highly-qualified professionals at every level. Our comprehensive process not only includes background checks and drug screening, but also confirming proper paperwork, checking references, skill assessments and a thorough in-person interview process. To receive a detailed proposal outing your potential cost savings, contact us today!